1 hotel central park, new york

This extraordinary new hotel near Central Park features a wide range of Hudson Company wood flooring, paneling, and beam products, including: 50,000 square feet of 8" wide Select Harvest Oak [Silt Finish] flooring, 30,000 square feet of Reclaimed Barn Siding [Grey Board], 50 Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams, 1,500 square feet of Reclaimed Redwood [NYC Water Tanks], 2,000 feet of Reclaimed Mixed Softwoods [Threshing Floor, Old Face], Reclaimed Travaux Maple [New Face, Chevron] flooring, and a custom finished, debarked Spalted Elm Stump. Read more about this innovative design installation here. 

All photos courtesy of 1 Hotel Central Park. Photos by Eric Laignel.