Once known as 'The White Queen of the Gulf,' the historic Belleview-Biltmore Resort and Spa was once one of Florida's most celebrated vacation destinations - an iconic symbol of the golden age of American entrepreneurship, travel, and optimism. From 1897 to 2015, The Belleview-Biltmore's guest list included: Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Margaret Thatcher, Bob Dylan and Barack Obama. 

But in the years after WWII, the hotel began a slow fade into disrepair. And after a lengthy debate between local officials, preservationists, and developers, it was decided that the majority of the crumbling hotel would be demolished to make way for new development.

Since 2015, The Hudson Company has been taking part in the enormous and careful demolition of this historic, 820,000 square foot architectural treasure, so that, rather than being added to the waste stream, the Biltmore's beautiful wooden architectural materials can be reclaimed.

The Hudson Company is now proud to offer this rare and unique reclaimed flooring as Reclaimed Heart Pine [Belleview-Biltmore].

Specifications: 3/4" x 8" x 2-12'. Tongue & Groove. Original Face. Solid. Shown unfinished.

Read the full story on how The Hudson Company reclaimed the historic Belleview-Biltmore Heart Pine.

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Reclaimed Heart Pine Original Colonial Prime 8

installations Featuring Hudson Company RECLAIMED HEART PINE [BELLEVIEW-BILTMORE]