Inspired By: Lighting Designer Tom Rossau

This week, we are 'Inspired By' the rising Danish craftsman and designer Tom Rossau, whose imaginative, sculptural lights are impossible not to marvel at. With their bending, twisting, and inter-weaving handmade forms, Rossau's signature Pendant Lights are, understandably, showing up in more and more thoughtfully designed spaces (and on more and more envious design blogs). 

The man behind these distinctively intricate lights is Copenhagen-based Tom Rossau, a 40-something maker who is self-admittedly obsessed with light and shadow. Since 2004, Rossau has been crafting his intricate lights from malleable wood veneers such as birch. The combination of natural materials bent into delightful and surprising forms is what sets a Rossau light apart. Below you can see photos of Tom at work in his Copenhagen studio.

As a Scandinavian, Rossau has an intimate knowledge of the dramatic changes in light throughout the calendar year, and the corresponding effects these changes have on interior spaces and people's moods. With this context in mind, it's no wonder why Rossau's lamps are celebrated for both their artistic forms as well as their practical function. The experimentality and diversity in Tom's work is clearly a result of the designer's deep reserves of creative energy and curiosity, "I will never be finished making lamps." 

We certainly hope that's true.

Read more about Tom's stroy here. See the whole line of Tom Rossau lights here.