10 Reasons To Spec The Hudson Company

  1. We have been a trusted, locally-owned business since 1995.

  2. We mill 100% of our products in New York’s Hudson Valley.

  3. We are FSC Certified and LEED Compliant.

  4. We are a fully integrated operation, and provide exacting quality control at every step of the sourcing, milling, and finishing process.

  5. We offer highly personalized customer service.

  6. We offer assistance in writing design specifications.

  7. We are a custom mill and can offer custom moulding and accessories to complete a project.

  8. We work on projects of every size and every budget, from bathroom counter tops to comprehensive flooring solutions for multi-unit Manhattan apartment complexes.

  9. We maintain an inventory of over 500,000 board feet of raw material and finished goods.

  10. We offer a diverse inventory of wood flooring products that are in stock and ready to ship today.