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Thanks to Sydney Franklin and the entire team at for featuring us on their site this month. Their profile of The Hudson Company - Good Wood: The Epic Journey of Reclaimed Timber Flooring is a fantastic overview of the people, products, and process that make The Hudson Company who we are.

Here's an excerpt:

"With a few exceptions, no single architectural project is entirely made of building-products sourced from the same place. It takes a village of manufacturers — all working in conjunction with architects, engineers and contractors — to compose a proper shelter for us to inhabit. Everything from the exterior cladding and the roof to the window hinges and the kitchen countertops are hand-selected from around the world and chosen for their performance and aesthetic quality. The same goes for something as seemingly simple as flooring: As an interior structural element that heavily contributes to the experiential qualities of a space, it’s imperative that architects choose the most appropriate material to go beneath our feet.

This is where wood comes in. We all know what bad wood flooring looks like, but truly great wood flooring is an instant turn-on. It’s sexy. It’s clean. It has a level of depth and texture that fake wood flooring, ceramic tiles and even concrete can’t inherently produce. It’s all-natural and cuts to our core. Each individual plank features a distinct pattern and porosity that can’t be precisely reproduced in the plank next to it."

Read the full story here. 


Behind The Scenes At The Hudson Company Mill

No matter where our wood is sourced - whether reclaimed from a decommissioned NYC Water Tank (below left) or from an abandoned Ohio Barn (below right) - all of it will, eventually, make its way to The Hudson Company Mill in Pine Plains, New York. 

Situated on seven acres in the Hudson River Valley, The Hudson Company Mill is the place where both Reclaimed and Select Harvest wood comes to be inspected, sorted, graded, defected, planed, sawn, and molded to meet the specific design needs of our clients and collaborators. 

It's inside the walls of our 30,000 square foot FSC Certified Mill that our team of craftsmen and women proudly create the custom products that will ultimately make their way into private residences, retail and commercial spaces, designer hotels, and top-notch museums

The Mill is our home away from home, an industrial-strength, creative laboratory and a wood paradise  - its the place where vision, materials, and craftsmanship come together and where future design solutions are born. You should stop by sometime...

The Hudson Company Mill is open year-round and we would love to begin a conversation with you about how to find creative solutions to your next design project. Contact us today to set up a visit to The Mill (click for map).

Watch The Hudson Company Video (below), which features an in-depth look behind the scenes at The Mill.