Ridgefield Showroom Profile In Architectural Digest

Profile Excerpt from Architectural Digest, Dec 13, 2018

“When Jamie Hammel bought what was then known as Antique and Vintage Woods of America eight years ago, he recalls, "I thought the product was beautiful, but it wasn't being presented beautifully." Fast forward nearly a decade and Hammel is operating what is now The Hudson Company, providing new and salvaged wood surfaces to architects and designers for projects (including, most notably, Renzo Piano's Whitney Museum) in the New York area and beyond. And his latest showroom is proof that beautiful presentation is core to the brand.

The Hudson Company's third location is in a woodsy area of Ridgefield, Connecticut. "So many of our clients co-locate between the city and a house upstate or in Connecticut or the Hamptons," Hammel explains of the choice. "We have the mill, in Pine Plains, so that helps us cover that territory, but we didn't really have a presence in Connecticut. Ridgefield is a beautiful town and is not in the heart of Greenwich." He clarifies: "Being on Greenwich Avenue would feel just like our Manhattan showroom. This is a little bit off the beaten path, but it's central to both Westchester and Connecticut."“

Read The Full Article and Go Behind The Scenes

Click here to read the full article in Architectural Digest, featuring interviews with The Hudson Company’s Jamie Hammel and designer Brad ford. Story by Hadley Keller, photos by Michael Biondo.

Join Us In Ridgefield, CT on November 14

Join The Hudson Company and Brad Ford for the opening of our new Ridgefield, CT showroom, designed by Brad Ford and furnished by FAIR. Open house November 14, 5-8 p.m, 139 Ethan Allen Highway in Ridgefield, CT.

The Holidays Come To Our Manhattan Showroom

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Upstate Makers On Display At The Hudson Company Showroom

Last weekend’s AndNorth Holiday Pop-Up at our Manhattan Showroom was a great success. Thanks to all the New York makers, artists, and craftspeople who participated in bringing their beautiful wares from Upstate New York to NYC. 

And, while the pop up shop has ended (for now),  The Hudson Company's new Manhattan Showroom is open to designers, architects, and homeowners each and every week: Monday - Wednesday 9-6, Thursdays 9-7, and Fridays 9-5.

Stop by for a chat with our team of custom flooring experts and let us help you with your next design project. 

Happy Holidays!

All photos by Nico Schinco.

And North Holiday Pop-Up December 9 & 10

And North Pop Up.jpg

Holiday Shopping at Our Manhattan Showroom 

We are thrilled to be hosting this weekend's And North Holiday Pop-Up inside our Manhattan Showroom. This weekend long pop-up shop will bring the And North blog to life with a collection of quality goods from their favorite upstate makers.

Complete with festive floral installations and special events throughout the weekend, the pop-up will celebrate a talented group of And North's favorite designers and craftspeople. This weekend, let And North be your holiday shopping guide as they bring the best Hudson Valley and Catskill artisans into the heart of Manhattan.

Full List of Event Participants:

Our New Manhattan Showroom | Opening February 1, 2017

A work in progress: The Hudson Company's new Manhattan Showroom, opening Feb 1.

A work in progress: The Hudson Company's new Manhattan Showroom, opening Feb 1.

The Hudson Company Comes to Manhattan!

We are thrilled to formally announce the opening of The Hudson Company's new Manhattan Showroom on February 1, 2017. In just a matter of weeks, this new showroom space (designed by our friend Brad Ford), will be open to clients, partners, designers, architects, and the general public alike.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new space at 5 East 20th Street very soon. More showroom news and images to follow in the coming days.

Stay tuned to Instagram, Facebook, and this blog for the latest news.

Work in progress at the new Hudson Company Manhattan Showroom.

Work in progress at the new Hudson Company Manhattan Showroom.

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The Ming: Bryan Nash Gill + The Hudson Company

Artist Bryan Nash Gill working on 'The Ming' at The Hudson Company's Brooklyn Showroom, April 2013.

Artist Bryan Nash Gill working on 'The Ming' at The Hudson Company's Brooklyn Showroom, April 2013.

‘The best art is simple, direct, and resonates without explanation. It is connected, simply, to the way things are.’ Curator and friend of the artist, Steven Holmes

Simple. Direct. Resonant. If there was ever an artist and craftsman whose work was powerful through its simplicity - it was prolific sculptor, painter, and printmaker Bryan Nash Gill (1961 - 2013).

For three days in April 2013, The Hudson Company was proud to collaborate with and host Bryan in our Brooklyn showroom, where he created the extraordinary ‘Ming’ duo-tone woodcut print. At sixteen feet in length, the ‘Ming’ became not only Bryan’s largest ever woodcut print, but also the last print he would make before his unexpected death in May of that year.

This unique collaboration was born after The Hudson Company acquired a hardwood beam originating from a temple from the Ming Dynasty of China (14th - 17th centuries). As long time admirers of Bryan’s work, we wondered what stories he might be able to draw out of such a venerable artifact; what history the grain and knots of the ancient beam could reveal?

With his signature passion for exploration, Bryan applied his creative process to the ‘Ming’ project with a childlike excitement. During those three days, Bryan described what drove him to continually experiment and develop his craft: ‘’s a process of discovery, a process of learning, a process of putting yourself on the edge and kind of having the courage to go forth and see what happens, and learn from the process.’

At the end of his three days of ‘discovery’ at The Hudson Company showroom, Bryan produced a large-scale print that is both beautiful and surprising. Far removed from its place and era and utility of origin, ‘The Ming’ shows us a new perspective on the patterns of life encapsulated in the lines and layers of wood. Like a massive fingerprint from a distant time and place, ‘The Ming,’ like all of Bryan’s woodcuts, draws viewers into the very heart of wood - past it’s surface and color and hardness - to the nucleus of it’s identity.

Steven Holmes describes the woodcuts of Bryan Nash Gill as a way to, ‘participate in historically anchored beauty,’ by understanding wood, ‘not as an object, but as a verb.’ Today, ‘The Ming’ hangs proudly in The Hudson Company showroom as a symbol of the new perspectives that can be gained from reimagining historical artifacts. It hangs as a tribute to our friend Bryan. It hangs as an example of beautiful craftsmanship and innovative vision. It hangs as a reminder of the resonance that comes from simple beauty found in the way things are.

Watch the video below to see Bryan at work on The Ming in The Hudson Company's Brooklyn Showroom, in April 2013.