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Inspired By: LAND

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LAND artists and designers Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes.

LAND artists and designers Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes.

LAND: Transcending Style and time

Austin, Texas based design studio LAND is a hard act to categorize.

A team that clearly thrives on rethinking what it means to be a 'designer' in the 21st century, LAND creates a unique body of work in a wide variety of medias - from hand-drawn graphics, to linocut prints, to textiles and metalwork, brand campaigns for both digital and print, and, now, LAND even has their own line of limited-edition clothing.

In their own words, LAND is, "[A] house of art, design and thought: a collaboration between American artists and designers, Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes. Through an exploration of typography, iconography, and arrangement of materials, we demonstrate a way of working that transcends a style or time with regard to the art of communication."

Honesty through Imperfection

What inspires us most about this dynamic design duo is their collaborative process and their strong emphasis on how the imperfections of handmade art can bring an honesty and originality to modern graphic design and branding.

Caleb and Ryan have described art as the main source of their inspiration, with their 'sweet spot' being the process of blurring art with design to bring 'feeling' into each of their projects.  When asked about the difference between 'art' and 'design,' the LAND creatives have developed an answer that is both simple and profound, 'art is selfish, design is accommodating.' 

Reclaiming The Past, Always Moving Forward

In an interview with Urban Outfitters, LAND described their process of looking to the past for inspiration in their work: "Most of the type we create is hand done or inspired by historical typography. From old books and signs to hobo scribbles, type that was created by a hand or a machine just feels better than a more modern, digital font. It's more fun to create something custom, or that feels like it came from a real place before you and I were born and will be here after we're dead."

Past LAND Clients Include: Ace Hotel, Deus Ex Machina, Falcon Motorcycles, Levi's, Monster Children, Nike, Patagonia, Poler, Stag Provisions, West America, Woolrich. You can see a longer list here.

Special thanks to LAND for the use of their imagery. All art and design work is the (C) property of Used here with permission.

At work in the LAND Studio.  Photo by Chelsea Fullerton  for Urban Outfitters.

At work in the LAND Studio. Photo by Chelsea Fullerton for Urban Outfitters.

At work in the LAND studio, Austin, Texas.  Photo by Bill Sallans.

At work in the LAND studio, Austin, Texas. Photo by Bill Sallans.

At work in the LAND studio, Austin, Texas.  Photo by Bill Sallans.

At work in the LAND studio, Austin, Texas. Photo by Bill Sallans.

Taking a break in the LAND studio, Austin, Texas.  Photo by Bill Sallans.

Taking a break in the LAND studio, Austin, Texas. Photo by Bill Sallans.

The Hudson Co. Featured on


The Hudson Company on

Thanks to Sydney Franklin and the entire team at for featuring us on their site this month. Their profile of The Hudson Company - Good Wood: The Epic Journey of Reclaimed Timber Flooring is a fantastic overview of the people, products, and process that make The Hudson Company who we are.

Here's an excerpt:

"With a few exceptions, no single architectural project is entirely made of building-products sourced from the same place. It takes a village of manufacturers — all working in conjunction with architects, engineers and contractors — to compose a proper shelter for us to inhabit. Everything from the exterior cladding and the roof to the window hinges and the kitchen countertops are hand-selected from around the world and chosen for their performance and aesthetic quality. The same goes for something as seemingly simple as flooring: As an interior structural element that heavily contributes to the experiential qualities of a space, it’s imperative that architects choose the most appropriate material to go beneath our feet.

This is where wood comes in. We all know what bad wood flooring looks like, but truly great wood flooring is an instant turn-on. It’s sexy. It’s clean. It has a level of depth and texture that fake wood flooring, ceramic tiles and even concrete can’t inherently produce. It’s all-natural and cuts to our core. Each individual plank features a distinct pattern and porosity that can’t be precisely reproduced in the plank next to it."

Read the full story here. 


The Hudson Company in ELLE DECOR Magazine

Image (47).jpg

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring in ELLE DECOR

We are thrilled to share that our very own Reclaimed Heart Pine [Original Face] floors are featured in Samantha Emmerling and Hillary Brown's article 'Toolbox' in the newest issue of ELLE DECOR Magazine (April, 2016), on newsstands now.

Reclaimed Heart Pine [Original Face] Flooring is one of our most popular and versatile reclaimed wood flooring products and has found a place in design installations of all kinds, including two New York retail spaces for outdoor mega-brand Patagonia (see both stores below).

Reclaimed Antique Long Leaf Heart Pine wood is sourced from Hudson River Valley factories and warehouses whose construction dates back to the Industrial Revolution. Reclaimed Longleaf Heart Pine wood was once a predominant standing timber across a large span of the eastern seaboard. For generations, Long Leaf Heart Pine's prevalence and unique properties made it the most widely-utilized timber in American construction.

Today, The Hudson Company is always on the lookout of high-quality, high-character Heart Pine to reclaim, custom mill, and re-introduce to designers and architects for use in their next projects. 

Learn more about the full range of Hudson Company Reclaimed wood floors (including six varieties of Reclaimed Heart Pine) on our Reclaimed Flooring Page. 

The Patagonia Store, Meatpacking District, NYC

The Patagonia Store, Meatpacking District, NYC

Patagonia Surf Shop, New York.

Patagonia Surf Shop, New York.


Frama Showroom, Copenhagen.

Frama Showroom, Copenhagen.

Frama's free-standing kitchen.

Frama's free-standing kitchen.

St. Paul's Apotek, home of Frama, Copenhagen

St. Paul's Apotek, home of Frama, Copenhagen

Frama CPH: crafting elegant, innovative, and classic forms

This week we are taking a good long look at the inspiring work of Copenhagen design house Frama.

Specializing in minimalist forms with a classical aesthetic, Frama is turning out some of the Scandinavian design world's most coveted stoneware, furniture, lights, and custom-built kitchens.

Located in Copenhagen's historic Nyboder neighborhood, the Frama showroom and offices occupy the lovingly preserved St. Paul's Apotek (a pharmacy from the 1800's that has saved much of its original woodwork and architectural elements, see above at right). Much of the Frama studio is painted in 'St. Paul's Blue,' their custom brand color, created in partnership with Jotun paint makers.

One of Frama's most exciting and ambitious innovations is their new line of custom-built kitchen designs (see above left). Unlike traditional kitchens, a Frama Kitchen is a completely free standing unit and is not permanently mounted to floor or walls. The Frama Kitchen's steel frame and steel box drawers are more like pieces of furniture within the kitchen environment than the traditionally built 'in-storage' style kitchen. 

In addition to their drool-inducing custom kitchens, the current Frama Collection contains furniture, accessories and lighting made from a variety of high-quality, high-character materials, including cork, wood, marble and metals. With their impecable eye for clean, modernist aesthetics and their appreciation of timeless materials, Frama is not only a 'brand to watch,' they are also a design house whose approach to creativity and craftsmanship are certain to inspire us at The Hudson Company for a long time to come.

See more from the Frama Collection here.

The 90 degree wall light by Frama.

The 90 degree wall light by Frama.

Aj Otto Stoneware by Frama.

Aj Otto Stoneware by Frama.

Frama Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Frama Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Photos courtesy of Frama and Kinfolk.

A Modern Oasis | The Hudson Company in Dwell Magazine

In 2005, actors David Alan Basche and Alysia Reiner purchased an abandoned townhouse in Harlem, NY. After teaming up with builder Nicolas Moons and architect Hannah Purdy, the husband and wife duo dedicated two years to renovating and reimagining the dilapidated home. Twenty four months later, the once-neglected space was transformed from a hollow shell to a modern oasis

Following the birth of their daughter a few years later, David and Alysia’s emphasis on sustainability and using recycled, reusable materials took on greater significance and became increasingly more important to the couple. Working with Alan and Alysia on blending reclaimed materials with their renovated contemporary town house, The Hudson Company utilized rough hewn, spalted maple to create a custom wooden countertop that contrasts the otherwise sleek, modern interior. Continuing upward to the second floor, Alan and Alysia chose to incorporate Hudson Company Mushroom Wood as a decorative accent wall with an organic and sculpted feel. Reclaimed from wooden mushroom-growing beds, this product is a hybrid of softwoods with deep, textural aesthetics and a rich functional history. 

Take a closer look at the work we did inside David Alan Basche and Alysia Reiner’s Harlem home featured in the May 2015 issue of Dwell Magazine.

- Suzanne Shrekgast for The Hudson Company