Featured Design Installation: Park Central Hotel, New York

Located on 7th Avenue and just around the corner from Carnegie Hall, Manhattan's Park Central Hotel is a contemporary yet classic style New York City hotel. A highlight of the hotel's recent renovations is their stunning Park Kitchen Bar & Lounge, the centerpiece of the hotel, designed by Jeffery Beers International.

As a part of the interior redesign of the Park Kitchen, The Hudson Company developed and custom-milled 8,000 square feet of American Walnut into two distinct pre-finished flooring products to help the designers achieve their goals of creating a mid-century modern aesthetic: first, a cooler gray-finished flooring for the cocktail lounge and seating area as well as a warmer, amber-toned Herringbone patterned floor for the hotel's meeting room.

The Hudson Company Walnut floors for the Park Hotel were custom milled at a 5" face width to allow for glue-down installation. And in addition to the flooring for the Park Central's lounge and meeting room, The Hudson Company also custom milled Walnut stair treads and flooring for the Park Kitchen's catwalk.

To learn more about The Delta Collection, the The Hudson Company's custom-milled line of pre-finished flooring [including Walnut], click here.

Product In Focus: Select Harvest White Oak [Victoria Finish]

Our Select Harvest White Oak [Victoria Finish] floors are crafted from Select Harvest Rift and Quartered White Oak and then pre-finished with a custom low-VOC finish. As a part of The Hudson Company's Delta Collection - these pre-finished floors are custom milled at our Pine Plains, NY mill and are designed for accurate, efficient on-site installation.

The above photos show Select Harvest White Oak [Victoria Finish] in the forthcoming One Vandam Luxury Residential building. The new 14-story residence, with interiors by Studio DB, is located in New York's fashionable Soho district, and features 40,000 square feet of Hudson Company flooring.

Product Specifications: 3/4" x 4-6" x 2-10'. Tongue & Groove. End Matched. Micro-Beveled. New Face. Solid or Engineered. Pre-finished. 

For more information on Select Harvest White Oak [Victoria Finish] flooring or to get a quote, contact us today.

Photos courtesy of Studio DB and One Vandam.


Featured Design Installation: Passive House, Brooklyn, New York

As a part of the renovations for their 1860s Brooklyn townhouse, Laura Mackall and Robert Marley chose to incorporate two Hudson Company Reclaimed flooring products into their project: Reclaimed White Pine [Surfaced] and Reclaimed Heart Pine [New Face].

These two specific flooring products, with their historical character and sustainable footprint, were the perfect solution for the couple, as they embarked on updating not only their home's aesthetic, but also it's energy profile. As a 'Passive House,' the Mackall-Marley renovation focused on optimizing the way that the home retains and ventilates both warm and cool air. The townhouse's existing, thick perimeter walls made it an ideal candidate for this kind of a sustainably-minded modernization.

With Laura's father, architect Louis Mackall, and Gowanus-based Build With Prospect taking the lead on the project's design and build, The Hudson Company was able to provide the client with two custom flooring solutions: 3/4" x 6" Reclaimed White Pine [Surfaced] flooring and, additionally, 3,000 square feet of 3/4" x 9" Reclaimed Heart Pine [New Face].

We should also note that both of the reclaimed flooring products have interesting origin stories: the White Pine [Surfaced] flooring was sourced from the Mackall-Marley townhouse itself and then custom re-milled by The Hudson Company in Pine Plains, New York. The Reclaimed Heart Pine [New Face] used in the passive house project was a surplus batch of flooring, originally salvaged from a historic Phillip Morris Factory in Louisville, Kentucky and then later re-milled by The Hudson Company for The New Whitney Museum of American Art in 2015.

To learn more about the products used in this design project, contact us today and let us know how The Hudson Company can help you reach your goals for your next design project.

Photographs by Michel Arnaud


"As with a good book, the experience of a good house is transformative.”
Project Architect Louis Mackall

Crafting The Whitney Floors | Part 2

Writing for The New York Times on April 19, Michael Kimmelman described the new Whitney Museum of American Art this way:

'There’s a generosity to the architecture, a sense of art connecting with the city and vice versa...
Inside, irregularly weathered pine floors recycled from old factories temper a language of concrete and steel. Those same industrial materials break up the mass of the building on the outside, by turns refracting and absorbing sunlight, nudging upward, gently, the scale of a swiftly growing neighborhood.'

The story behind these 'irregularly weathered pine floors recycled from old factories' is, in fact, a rather remarkable one - the journey of rough, antique, and landfill-bound timbers carefully re-imagined and re-engineered as the flooring for New York City's newest architectural landmark.

Custom Milling The Whitney Floors

After reclaiming the raw timber materials from inactive American factories (Phillip Morris, Maidenform, Paul G. Mehlin & Sons Piano Company), The Hudson Company embarked on the fully-integrated, custom milling process, in collaboration with Cooper Robertson and The Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the museum's lead architects. 

The final Whitney installation exceeds 65,000 square feet of Reclaimed Heart Pine [Chalk Finish] flooring throughout all of the galleries and administrative offices.  In order to deliver the final product, The Hudson Company custom milled over 270,000 board feet of reclaimed timbers. These sizeable timbers ranged in size from 4” x 17” x 22’ to 11” x 17” x 24’, some weighing in excess of 1,200 pounds.

Once the raw material arrived at our Pine Plains, NY facility, metal detectors were used to locate old fasteners (nails, bolts, screws) embedded within the timbers, and then all unwanted debris is removed by hand.

Next, utilizing our 75 HP fully hydraulic 6” double edge blade saw mill, we milled the timbers into manageable dimensions (1.75" x 10" x 8-20').  Because the Whitney floor was uniquely designed to be 1.5” x 8,” we oversized the the flooring planks to 1.75” x 10" and then kiln dried each plank to 165 degrees Fahrenheit eliminating any remaining insect life and setting the pitch for stability and proper finishing.

From here, the Whitney floors went through the remaining steps of The Hudson Company's hands-on, custom milling process: the planks were re-graded, planed, ripped, molded, and checked for defects and unwanted irregularities before delivery.

Click for more information about The Hudson Company, our team, and for galleries of our reclaimed and custom-milled flooring installation projects.

Click to watch The Hudson Company sourcing and milling video.

Inside The Hudson Company's Pine Plains, NY Mill.

Inside The Hudson Company's Pine Plains, NY Mill.

Milling reclaimed material, Pine Plains, NY.

Milling reclaimed material, Pine Plains, NY.

De-nailing the reclaimed industrial timbers at the Pine Plains, NY Mill.

De-nailing the reclaimed industrial timbers at the Pine Plains, NY Mill.

Milling reclaimed material, Pine Plains, NY.

Milling reclaimed material, Pine Plains, NY.

Reclaimed Heart Pine [Chalk Finish] planks on site at the new Whitney Museum, ready for Install.

Reclaimed Heart Pine [Chalk Finish] planks on site at the new Whitney Museum, ready for Install.