Featured Design Installation: Park Central Hotel, New York

Located on 7th Avenue and just around the corner from Carnegie Hall, Manhattan's Park Central Hotel is a contemporary yet classic style New York City hotel. A highlight of the hotel's recent renovations is their stunning Park Kitchen Bar & Lounge, the centerpiece of the hotel, designed by Jeffery Beers International.

As a part of the interior redesign of the Park Kitchen, The Hudson Company developed and custom-milled 8,000 square feet of American Walnut into two distinct pre-finished flooring products to help the designers achieve their goals of creating a mid-century modern aesthetic: first, a cooler gray-finished flooring for the cocktail lounge and seating area as well as a warmer, amber-toned Herringbone patterned floor for the hotel's meeting room.

The Hudson Company Walnut floors for the Park Hotel were custom milled at a 5" face width to allow for glue-down installation. And in addition to the flooring for the Park Central's lounge and meeting room, The Hudson Company also custom milled Walnut stair treads and flooring for the Park Kitchen's catwalk.

To learn more about The Delta Collection, the The Hudson Company's custom-milled line of pre-finished flooring [including Walnut], click here.