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Opened on November 14, 2018, our Ridgefield, CT showroom was established to serve our Westchester, Connecticut, and New England clients. Designed by Brad Ford and furnished by FAIR, our newest and largest showroom will showcase over 100 flooring, paneling, and beam products.

Located on Ethan Allen Highway (Route 7), our Ridgefield Showroom is conveniently located for product viewings, consultations, and client meetings and is open by appointment Monday to Friday.

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Join Us In Ridgefield, CT on November 14

Join The Hudson Company and Brad Ford for the opening of our new Ridgefield, CT showroom, designed by Brad Ford and furnished by FAIR. Open house November 14, 5-8 p.m, 139 Ethan Allen Highway in Ridgefield, CT.

The Hudson Co. Featured on Architizer.com


The Hudson Company on Architizer.com

Thanks to Sydney Franklin and the entire team at Architizer.com for featuring us on their site this month. Their profile of The Hudson Company - Good Wood: The Epic Journey of Reclaimed Timber Flooring is a fantastic overview of the people, products, and process that make The Hudson Company who we are.

Here's an excerpt:

"With a few exceptions, no single architectural project is entirely made of building-products sourced from the same place. It takes a village of manufacturers — all working in conjunction with architects, engineers and contractors — to compose a proper shelter for us to inhabit. Everything from the exterior cladding and the roof to the window hinges and the kitchen countertops are hand-selected from around the world and chosen for their performance and aesthetic quality. The same goes for something as seemingly simple as flooring: As an interior structural element that heavily contributes to the experiential qualities of a space, it’s imperative that architects choose the most appropriate material to go beneath our feet.

This is where wood comes in. We all know what bad wood flooring looks like, but truly great wood flooring is an instant turn-on. It’s sexy. It’s clean. It has a level of depth and texture that fake wood flooring, ceramic tiles and even concrete can’t inherently produce. It’s all-natural and cuts to our core. Each individual plank features a distinct pattern and porosity that can’t be precisely reproduced in the plank next to it."

Read the full story here. 


Installation in Focus: 'Stonewood Farm' private residence, New York

The Pleasures of Country Living

‘Only by letting nature in can we create a sense of coherence and kinship among house, landscape and environs. Only with that connection can a home be nurturing and invigorating.’ -Designer Ken Holzberg

When designer Ken Holzberg was ready to build his dream home at Stonewood Farm, near Millbrook, New York, the goal of his project was to create something new, while still retaining a sense of continuity with the past.

Describing his inspiration for the project, Ken writes, ‘Farmhouses and their outbuildings have always been thoughtfully tied to the land...they are made of honest, natural materials – typically what is locally available – further connecting them to their surroundings.’

When Ken approached The Hudson Company in search of the perfect materials for his project (reclaimed wood flooring, exposed beams, and vintage doors), we knew we were collaborating with an accomplished designer with an eye for detail. From hand picked cabinet hardware to custom-made light fixtures, Ken curated the perfect palette of materials and textures. ‘If I had to describe my style in one word, I would call it eclectic,’ writes Holzberg, ‘I love to take old, beautiful materials and objects from different eras and places – pieces that would never have otherwise known each other – and put them together to give them new life against the backdrop of an understatedly elegant room.’

perfectly imperfect: The Right Materials for home

Upon visiting The Hudson Company Mill, Ken was able to find flooring materials, exposed beams, and antique lumber that fit his precise vision. Choosing to incorporate 1,000 square feet of Reclaimed Hemlock floorsReclaimed Softwood Beams [Original Face]. and an additional 3,000 square feet of Reclaimed Mixed Softwood [Threshing Floor] flooring - both sourced from historic farm buildings in the area - Ken was able to achieve the desired effect of a modern, informal home that is rich in historical character.

‘When all is said and done,’ writes Holzberg, ‘I think Stonewood’s interior spaces work so well for me because they are infinitely approachable...everything is perfectly imperfect...nothing is too precious to touch, eat at, or sit on. Everyone can feel welcome and comfortable in our home.’

This installation profile originally appeared in The Hudson Company Journal, Volume 1. To request a print copy of The Hudson Company Journal, please contact us at info@thehudsonco.com.







Same Expertise, Now Twice The Flooring Choices

Since 1995, The Hudson Company has been a leader in custom milled Reclaimed Wood Floors. Now, as a complement to our Reclaimed products, we are proud to introduce our Select Harvest line of custom milled, new flooring. Select Harvest flooring is available pre-finished and unfinished.

Browse Select Harvest Flooring Now

Product In Focus: Reclaimed White Oak Flooring

Private residence  featuring Reclaimed White Oak [New Face] Flooring, Central Park West, NYC.

Private residence featuring Reclaimed White Oak [New Face] Flooring, Central Park West, NYC.

Private residence  featuring Reclaimed White Oak [New Face] Flooring, Central Park West, NYC.

Private residence featuring Reclaimed White Oak [New Face] Flooring, Central Park West, NYC.

Reclaimed White Oak [Bare Finish, Herringbone] at  Rag & Bone Boutique,  Bloomingdales, NYC.

Reclaimed White Oak [Bare Finish, Herringbone] at Rag & Bone Boutique, Bloomingdales, NYC.

As you can see above, The Hudson Company's family of Reclaimed White Oak floors are available in several finishes, color tones, plank widths, and with a variety of other spec. options. Closely associated with strength, endurance, style, and quality, Oak has been en vogue for as long as wood has been used in architecture, design, furniture making, and woodcraft. At The Hudson Company, one of our greatest passions is helping architects, designers, and builders incorporate these timeless Oak wood floors into innovative installations that meet the practical and aesthetic needs of their 21st century clients and customers.

Sourcing Reclaimed White Oak Flooring: 

Typically, our Reclaimed White Oak floors are sourced from the structural members of historic American barns or decommissioned warehouses and industrial buildings. Reclaimed Oak floors offer designers a wide spectrum of inherent and desirable aesthetic qualities, including: knots, sap wood, cathedral grain, and 'tiger striping.' Additionally, many of our Reclaimed White Oak floor planks and timbers include unique traces of historical milling, including: saw kerfs, ferrous stains, nail holes, checking, and scarring.

Flooring Specifications: 

For our Reclaimed White Oak [New Face, Barley Finish, Prime Grade] Flooring: 3/4" x 4-6" x 2-12'. Tongue & Groove. End Matched. New Face. Solid or Engineered. Shown pre-finished in Barley. Also available unfinished

For our Reclaimed White Oak [New Face, Bare Finish, Prime Grade] Flooring: Specifications: 3/4" x 4 or 6" x 2-10'. Tongue & Groove. End Matched. Micro-Beveled. New Face. Solid or Engineered. Shown pre-finished in Bare. Also available unfinished.

*Do you need Reclaimed White Oak Flooring milled to meet custom specs or with a custom finish? Contact us today to speak with a member of The Hudson Company Team to discuss how we can help find a custom solution for your design project needs.

The Hudson Company Family of Select Harvest Walnut Floors

The Broome Street Hotel, New York., featuring The Hudson Company Select Harvest Walnut [Clear Finish] floors.

The Broome Street Hotel, New York., featuring The Hudson Company Select Harvest Walnut [Clear Finish] floors.

The Broome Street Hotel, New York.

The Broome Street Hotel, New York.

Unlike our range of Reclaimed products, Hudson Company Select Harvest wood floors are custom milled to meet your design specifications from new wood, and are available either unfinished or pre-finished.

Within our wide inventory of Select Harvest flooring, there is no species more diverse or attractive than Hudson Company Walnut. Select Harvest Walnut is currently available in nine custom finishes, including (from left to right above) Lunar, Barley, Herringbone, Roebling, Charred, and Cacao - each with their own distinct aesthetic qualities and installation profiles (click the links to learn more). 

From the purple-brown tones of Charred Walnut, to the timeless elegance of Herringbone Walnut, to the warm, broad swirling grain patterns of the Lunar and Roebling finishes, the entire family of Select Harvest Walnut floors is character-rich and versatile enough to succeed in a wide range of design applications. 

To learn more about our unique family of Select Harvest Walnut flooring, or how we can help you reach your goals for your next design project, please write to us at info@thehudsonco.com and a member of The Hudson Company Team will be in touch within one business day. 


Featured Design Installation: Park Central Hotel, New York

Located on 7th Avenue and just around the corner from Carnegie Hall, Manhattan's Park Central Hotel is a contemporary yet classic style New York City hotel. A highlight of the hotel's recent renovations is their stunning Park Kitchen Bar & Lounge, the centerpiece of the hotel, designed by Jeffery Beers International.

As a part of the interior redesign of the Park Kitchen, The Hudson Company developed and custom-milled 8,000 square feet of American Walnut into two distinct pre-finished flooring products to help the designers achieve their goals of creating a mid-century modern aesthetic: first, a cooler gray-finished flooring for the cocktail lounge and seating area as well as a warmer, amber-toned Herringbone patterned floor for the hotel's meeting room.

The Hudson Company Walnut floors for the Park Hotel were custom milled at a 5" face width to allow for glue-down installation. And in addition to the flooring for the Park Central's lounge and meeting room, The Hudson Company also custom milled Walnut stair treads and flooring for the Park Kitchen's catwalk.

To learn more about The Delta Collection, the The Hudson Company's custom-milled line of pre-finished flooring [including Walnut], click here.

Crafting The Whitney Floors | Part 3

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Kelly Crow notes that the design of art museums has traditionally fallen within two camps: classicism or stark modernity.

Historically, collectors encouraged museums to create spaces that resembled cultural temples, with classical columns and ornate crown moulding to match the significance of the objects on display. In recent decades, many museums and galleries favored an architecture of stark white-cube rooms with walls treated in sleek, modern finishes...
[Yet] when the Whitney began considering designs more than a decade ago, Adam Weinberg, the director, said he asked architects for the exact opposite.

Ms. Crow goes on to describe how the new Whitney Museum of American Art is a museum, 'designed to wow artists as much as audiences.' In her piece on the new Renzo Piano designed museum, Crow outlines Mr. Piano's intentions for the Whitney to be a new kind of museum - one that invites curators and artists alike to be flexible, innovative, even playful:

'...the 84-year-old [Whitney] museum is changing far more than its address...
The new building’s nearly 50,000 square feet of gallery floors will be made of neither trendy concrete nor lavish marble. Instead, Whitney officials chose reclaimed Heart Pine from former area factories, so artists could hammer nails into it or tear up small sections if needed. (The museum has a cache of extra planks in case anyone does.)
A lattice-like grid on the ceiling of the main gallery means artists won’t have to cut through drywall to suspend their work. That 18,200-square-foot room has no columns, making it the largest museum gallery in New York City with uninterrupted views.”

Donna De Salvo, the museum's chief curator, told ABC News that, 'artists will be inspired by the new spaces and will "reinvent them over and over again." They're tailored to the needs of how artists — and curators — work, she said. Floors throughout are sprung, allowing for both performance and installations. Open-grid ceilings permit walls and art to be arranged into multitude configurations.'

In crafting the over 50,000 square feet of Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring for the new Whitney Museum, The Hudson Company is honored to be a part of this landmark of innovative, contextual, and culturally-significant architecture.

The industrial history of the Reclaimed Heart Pine floors (sourced from decommissioned American factories) supports the Whitney’s mission to create a space that Director Weinberg calls, 'rough and ready' artist’s canvas.  The nature and dimensions of the Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, along with it's intentionally flexible profile, allows for the floors, like so much at the new Whitney, to be modified to best fit the needs of the museum, artists, and audiences using the space. 

Click for more details about The Hudson Company Reclaimed Heart Pine [Chalk Finish] flooring featured throughout the new Whitney Museum of American Art.

Click to learn more about The Hudson Company + Whitney Museum Design Installation.

Click to watch the new Hudson Company Video.

Detail of Reclaimed Heart Pine [Chalk Finish] installed at new Whitney site.

Detail of Reclaimed Heart Pine [Chalk Finish] installed at new Whitney site.

Floor during install.

Floor during install.

Floor Install, NYC Skyline in the background.

Floor Install, NYC Skyline in the background.

Flooring Install, during finishing.

Flooring Install, during finishing.

Whitney floor, during install.

Whitney floor, during install.

All Installation Photos by Martin Hyers of Gentyl&Hyers Photography for The Hudson Company. Cover photo by Max Touhey for ny.curbed.com.