Product In Focus: Reclaimed Hemlock [Mushroom Wood]

One of our most popular products, 'Mushroom Wood' is a distinct offering from The Hudson Company and is available to our customers as both flooring (shown above) and for use in paneling applications (shown below).

Sourced from the decommissioned wooden bins used in mushroom growing facilities, Mushroom Wood has a character all its own. During the mushroom growth cycle, enzymes digest and erode the soft wood grain and produce an organic, sculpted effect in the wood. After the mushrooms are harvested, the wood displays a deep, open-grain texture and caramel hue. 

And while all of our Mushroom Wood products are made up of primarily Hemlock woods, they may also include elements of cypress and other softwoods. These natural variations in the Mushroom Wood are part of what endows these products with the strong aesthetic qualities that allow them to work well in numerous design applications. 

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