Product In Focus: Reclaimed Mixed Oak [Parquet De Versailles]

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Sometimes a floor is just a floor. And sometimes, a floor is a statement piece - a work of functional art. That's how we feel about our Reclaimed Mixed Oak [Parquet de Versailles] flooring - a classic that has stood the test of time.

Available as either finished or unfinished, this unique reclaimed flooring product is fabricated from antique, new face oak and assembled in a historically accurate Parquet de Versailles pattern.

The history and grain patterns evident in the wood compliments this esteemed flooring pattern with character inclusive of nail holes, ferrous stains, light checking and natural variation associated with antique oak. As an installation, the floor pays homage to the historic French parquetry while utilizing America's agrarian history.

Specifications: 3/4" x 36" x 36". Parquet de Versailles. New Face. Solid. Unfinished or Pre-Finished.

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