One of the highlights from this year's London Design Festival, currently taking place at the Victoria & Albert Museum, is designer Faye Toogood's interactive design installation 'The Cloakroom.' 

To get the full, immersive experience, festival-goers can walk into The V&A's actual cloakroom and put on one of Toogood's 150 custom-made topcoats - made in collaboration with Danish textile maker, Kvadrat. Each coat is composed of Kvadrat's Highfield fabric - a high-tech compressed foam material - and inside each topcoats is a map that guides the user around the museum's exhibits and toward a featured exhibit featuring a series of statues made by local British craftsmen and manufacturers, representing the materials of their respective fields, from plaster, studded rubber, marble, ceramic and bronze [see photo below].

If you're fortunate enough to be in London during this year's festival, make sure to stop in 'The Cloakroom' of the V&A Museum and put on a Toogood/Kvadrat coat as you tour the exhibit.