Product In Focus: Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams

Along with our custom-milled Reclaimed and Select Harvest wood flooring products, The Hudson Company also offers our customers and partners a wide range of high-quality, high-character Reclaimed Wood Beams

As a part of our line of Reclaimed Beams, our Hand Hewn hard and softwood beams are definitely our most commented upon; the rugged profile, slightly irregular geometry, and fascinating stories that accompany these beams inevitably make them conversation starters. 

Sourced from decommissioned agrarian structures across The Hudson Valley and Canadian Territories, these Hand Hewn beams include characteristics common in antique material crafted in the days before mechanized milling - including checks, mortise holes, and pockets.

Learn more about our Reclaimed Mixed Softwood Beams [Hand Hewn] and Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood Beams [Hand Hewn] or write to us with any specific questions you might have.

Installations Pictured Above: Restaurant ISA, Brooklyn and Private Residence, Greenwich, Conn.