Rolf Fehlbaum is the son of Willi and Erika Fehlbaum who founded Vitra, a company who began producing Eames chairs in 1957 when Rolf was only a teenager. 

Now, taking charge of the company, Rolf has crossed new boundaries bringing together such diverse inventory has that included Mies van der Rohe, Noguchi, Aalto, Corbusier and Lloyd Wright's Peacock chair. Before long Fehlbaum had gathered enough pieces to open his own museum near Tüllinger Mountain in Germany, which is now one of the largest collections of furniture on the globe.

Currently though Rolf has moved into collections of a much larger scale, specifically that of architecture, for the Vitra Campus. In a recent article from Cereal Magazine we see a look into this very diverse design playground which is summed up quite well with this quote from the author.

"Vitra’s stake in 21st century design is such that the shape it takes affects they way our homes and our workplaces look, and how the products we buy are made. In this wonderland curated by Erika and Willi’s eldest, drawing visitors in from near and far, design is a game played with deadly seriousness."

Photos from Cereal Magazine.