The Coast Installation Wins NYCxDesign Award

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Either / Or

Congratulations to Paul Chan, founder of The Coast, on his award-winning presentation at Collective Concept. Either / Or  won in the "made in the boroughs" category at the NYCxDesign Awards produced by Interior Design

The Coast showed a mischievous yet austere lighting series composed of three lamps for nightstands, tables and floors. An ensemble of silver translucent fabrics, dark fresco paint, and forged French oak flooring from The Hudson Company coalesced as an immersive backdrop for the light series.

The Coast is an architecture and design studio that creates buildings, environments and objects. With a profound belief in unexpected connections between forms, functions, materials and cultures, its projects are characterized by a genuine curiosity, always expansive, never limiting, to explore the in-between. We are pleased to have collaborated with Paul and The Coast.

Pure & Original
The Hudson Company

Join Us For Sitting Still, May 11 - 24


Join Us for Sitting Still May 11 -24 

We are excited to announce Sitting Still, a field study curated by designer Brad Ford of Field + Supply. This very special in-showroom exhibition will celebrate the age-old 'art of the chair' from May 11 - 24 at The Hudson Company Showroom and will be open to the public during the showroom's normal opening hours.

Celebrating The Art Of The Chair

Sitting Still will feature iconic chair designs by George Nakashima, Finn Juhl, Jim Zivic, Fern, Michael Robbins, PP Mobler, Overgaard & Dyrman, Furniture Marolles, Coil + Drift, Sawkille, Regeneration, Weinberg Modern, Rayon Roskar, David Ebner, BDDW, Fort Standard, Egg Collective, Asher Israelow, O&G, and Materia Designs.

A few thoughts from the exhibition curator, Brad Ford

"The concept for Sitting Still is all about slowing down - specifically during the crazy month of May when there are so many things happening. Despite all the incredible things that have been done with design over the years, the chair is still probably the most relevant piece of furniture in the home, the office, the kitchen, and the public space. For the special exhibition inside The Hudson Company's 20th Street showroom, we plan to bring together twenty beautifully handcrafted chairs from various eras that represent a continuity of basic purpose despite the ever-changing tide of taste, trend, and technology."

About The Event Curator 

Brad Ford is an interior designer based in New York City. With a highly edited vision and a strong hand, Brad has developed a spare, modern aesthetic with a warm soul. Originally from Russellville, Arkansas, he moved to Manhattan 22 years ago and established his own firm Brad Ford ID in 1998 with an emphasis on residential spaces. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials are Brad Ford ID essentials. “We create environments that complement and suit the lifestyle and personality of the client. Whether the room is formal or casual, traditional or modern, accessibility and comfort are a must." Brad is also the founder of the annual Field + Supply: A Modern Makers Craft Fair. 

More event Details To Come

Stay tuned to this blog and follow The Hudson Company on Instagram for the latest news about this special, limited engagement event.

The Holidays Come To Our Manhattan Showroom

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Upstate Makers On Display At The Hudson Company Showroom

Last weekend’s AndNorth Holiday Pop-Up at our Manhattan Showroom was a great success. Thanks to all the New York makers, artists, and craftspeople who participated in bringing their beautiful wares from Upstate New York to NYC. 

And, while the pop up shop has ended (for now),  The Hudson Company's new Manhattan Showroom is open to designers, architects, and homeowners each and every week: Monday - Wednesday 9-6, Thursdays 9-7, and Fridays 9-5.

Stop by for a chat with our team of custom flooring experts and let us help you with your next design project. 

Happy Holidays!

All photos by Nico Schinco.

And North Holiday Pop-Up December 9 & 10

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Holiday Shopping at Our Manhattan Showroom 

We are thrilled to be hosting this weekend's And North Holiday Pop-Up inside our Manhattan Showroom. This weekend long pop-up shop will bring the And North blog to life with a collection of quality goods from their favorite upstate makers.

Complete with festive floral installations and special events throughout the weekend, the pop-up will celebrate a talented group of And North's favorite designers and craftspeople. This weekend, let And North be your holiday shopping guide as they bring the best Hudson Valley and Catskill artisans into the heart of Manhattan.

Full List of Event Participants:

Join Us In Pine Plains, Aug 16-19  copy 10.jpg

FEATURED Clearance Inventory

Click to see the detailed list of all clearance inventory product specs. - including cut, milling details, grade,  dimensions, lengths, and prices. This master inventory  list and all specs will be updated daily throughout the clearance sales event.


Reclaimed Decking @ $ 1.00
Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods @ $ 2.50
Reclaimed Mixed Softwoods @ $ 2.50
Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods @ $ 4.00
Reclaimed Oak, Original Face @ $ 4.00
Reclaimed Softwood Threshing @ $ 4.00
Reclaimed Tropical Hardwoods Wood @ $ 1.00
Reclaimed Teak @ $ 12.00

*Click to see the detailed list of beam & joist specs. - including cut, milling details, grade,  dimensions, lengths, and prices.


Cherry @ $ 2.50
Easter White Pine @ $ 5.00
Walnut, Rough Sawn @ $ 5.00
Walnut, New Face @ $ 7.50
White Oak, Quarter Sawn 2" @ $ 5.00
White Oak, Quarter Sawn 2.25" @ $ 5.00
White Oak, Quarter Sawn 2 7/8" @ $ 5.00
White Oak, Quarter Sawn 5" @ $ 7.50
White Oak, Quarter Sawn 5" (Character Grade) @ $ 7.50
White Oak, Quarter Sawn, Fumed  6" @ $ 7.50
White Oak, Flat Sawn 3" @ $ 5.00
White Oak, Flat Sawn 4" @ $ 5.00
White Oak, Flat Sawn 7" @ $ 5.00
White Oak, Flat Sawn 8" @ $ 7.50
White Oak, Band  Sawn 3" @ $ 5.00

*Click to see the detailed list of non reclaimed flooring specs. - including cut, milling details, grade,  dimensions, lengths, and prices.


Barley (White Oak, Quarter Sawn) @ $ 7.00
Capella (White Oak, Quarter Sawn) @ $ 7.50
Princeton (Red Oak, Thermally Modified) @ $ 10.00
Reclaimed Mixed Oak, Tung Oil @ $ 7.50
Stout (Red Oak, Thermally Modified) @ $ 5.00
Tivoli @ $ 12.50
Travaux, Factory Maple @ $ 5.00
Willow @ $ 9.00

*Click to see the detailed list of pre finished flooring specs. - including cut, milling details, grade,  dimensions, lengths, and prices.


Reclaimed Heart Pine 5" @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed Heart Pine 11" @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed White  Oak 3.5" (T&G) @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed White Oak 4" (T&G) @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed White Oak 4" (T&G, Micro Beveled) @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed White Oak 5/8" x 4" (T&G, Micro Beveled) @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed White Oak (T&G) 8" @ $ 5.00

*Click to see the detailed list of reclaimed engineered flooring specs. - including cut, milling details, grade,  dimensions, lengths, and prices.


Reclaimed Heart Pine 3" @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 3" (Heavy Character) @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 4" @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 5" @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 5" (Heavy Character) @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 5" (Vertical Grain) @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed Heart Pine 6" @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed Heart Pine 6" (Original Face) @ $ 10.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 7" @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed Heart Pine 7/8" x 8.5" @ $ 10.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 10" @ $ 10.00
Reclaimed Heart Pine 10" (Skip Planed) @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed Heart Pine (1" x 2.5" Decking) @ $ 2.50
Reclaimed Heart Pine (1" x 3" Decking) @ $ 2.50
Reclaimed Maple, Original Face @ $ 2.00
Reclaimed Maple, Planned @ $ 2.00
Reclaimed Mixed Oak (3.5") @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Mixed Oak (4") @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Mixed Oak (4.5") @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Mixed Oak (5") @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed Mixed Oak (7/8" x 3") @ $ 10.00
Reclaimed Mixed Oak (7/8" x 4") @ $ 10.00
Reclaimed  Red Oak (4") @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed White Oak (3.5") @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed White Oak (4.5") @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed White Oak (6") @ $ 5.00
Reclaimed White Oak (5/8" x 4") @ $ 2.50

*Click to see the detailed list of reclaimed solid flooring specs. - including cut, milling details, grade,  dimensions, lengths, and prices.


Brown Board @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed Grey Barn Siding @ $ 8.00
Reclaimed Mushroom Wood, Sculpted 6" (T&G) @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed Mushroom Wood, Sculpted 6" (SLR) @ $ 7.50
Reclaimed NYC Water Tank Cedar, Outside Face @ $ 2.50
Reclaimed NYC Water Tank Cedar, Inside Face @ $ 2.50
Reclaimed NYC Water Tank Redwood @ $ 5.00
Silver Pines 4" @ $ 10.00
Silver Pines 8" @ $ 10.00
Silver Pines 11" @ $ 10.00
Softwood Joists @ $ 7.50
Softwood Medley 5" @ $ 5.00
Softwood Medley 8" @ $ 5.00

*Click to see the detailed list of reclaimed paneling specs. - including cut, milling details, grade,  dimensions, lengths, and prices.


Join us for FIELD + SUPPLY This Weekend

The Hudson Company + Field & Supply

The Hudson Company is proud to be a partner of the Field + Supply Modern Makers Craft Fair.

Field + Supply began in 2014, as a modern interpretation of a traditional arts and crafts fair.  It consists of a carefully curated selection of makers highlighting goods, old and new, from a variety of studios and workshops representing a wide range of crafts. 

This multi-day experience has grown to include delicious food and drinks from the area, along with hands-on activities as well as live music.  

This year, we've moved just around the bend to the newly refurbished Hashbrouck House in Stone Ridge, NY where we'll be able to accommodate even more makers and additional workshops. In addition, there are opportunities to enjoy cocktail parties, private dinners, a biscuit breakfast from the Hotel's new restaurant Butterfield's and a rousing celebration Saturday night to meet the makers! 

We hope you can join us over Columbus Day weekend, October 7th, 8th, and 9th at Hasbrouck House for a truly incredible gathering. Look forward to seeing you there!

*Note: All F+S guests should park at The Stone Ridge Orchard,  right around the corner from Hasbrouck House at 3012 NY-213, Stone Ridge, NY 12484. Shuttle service will be available to and from Hasbrouck House from the Orchard. There will be NO PARKING available at Hasbrouck House.

See a full list of Field + Supply exhibitors here and buy your single day or weekend tickets here.

The Hudson Company + Collective Design Fair 2016


The Hudson Company is proud to support the 2016 Collective Design Fair. At this year's fair, you will find samplings of our very own Reclaimed Heart Pine [Chalk Finish] and Select Harvest White Oak [French Cut] being utilized in exhibits by two exciting creative forces: ASH NYC and FAIR (curated by Brad Ford ID).

Collective Design Fair 2016

Collective Design is dedicated to exploring the significance of design across creative disciplines and everyday life. Through its annual fair, Collective Design illuminates both the design process and the diversity of today’s material culture, originating a robust series of conversations and education programs to foster dialogue, encourage the exchange of ideas, and build a growing audience for collectible design.

The Collective Design fair is a commercial and educational platform featuring thoughtfully selected works from an international roster of established and emerging galleries. The fair has leveraged the city’s energy to become a vital part of New York’s cultural calendar, cultivating a spirit of discovery that appeals to both avid patrons and those new to collecting design.

Learn more about Collective Design Fair 2016 and get tickets here.

  Interior Design by Brad Ford ID

Interior Design by Brad Ford ID

  Products and Design by FAIR

Products and Design by FAIR

  Sag Harbor Cottage, Design by ASH NYC (both images)

Sag Harbor Cottage, Design by ASH NYC (both images)

Wood At Work 2015 Conference | Oct. 29 - 30 at The Bronx Zoo


The Hudson Company is proud to be a partner and sponsor of this year's Wood At Work Conference, taking place at The Bronx Zoo on October 29 and 30.

Wood at Work: Elegant Strategies for Architecture, City-Building, and Forest Conservation promises to be one of the world’s most dynamic forums (and, we believe, its first) focused on the link between sustainable wood use in an urban context, and the strategies that make sourcing this wood truly beneficial to global forest conservation efforts.

The event will bring together influential architects, foresters, policy makers, ecologists, and urban planners. Keynote speakers will include renowned architect and historian Kenneth Frampton; Eric Sanderson director of the Manhattan Project; Lars Laestadius of the World Resources Institute; and celebrated forest ecologist Robin Chazdon, as well as a lineup of urbanists, artists, craftsmen and musicians.

Wood at Work is positioned to radically impact the discourse around wood and forest policy in American cities. Situated in NYC, the global centre of innovative urban thinking, our intimate setting at the Bronx Zoo and multidisciplinary lineup of speakers, panels, and activities will accelerate the kind of solutions that cross-disciplinary collaboration strives for but all too rarely achieves.

Learn more about the exciting Wood At Work 2015 Conference and register to join us here (space is limited).